About My Spanking Blog

When it comes to spanking I am not ashamed to say that I am a huge fan! I love to get spanked and have done so since the very first time my Mother threatened to do it! I have stopped even trying to work out what it is that turns me on about pulling down my pants, going over someone’s knee and getting a dam good thrashing! 

The Attraction of Spanking

Over the last few decades, the popularity of erotic spanking has soared. These days, this playful sexual practice is enjoyed by everybody from the keenest BDSM fans to lovers experimenting with dominance play for the first time.

Spanking is easy to initiate, it doesn’t need any special equipment, and it is bags of fun. If the idea of giving your lover the ‘cruel to be kind’ treatment gets your blood racing, or you have fantasied about being on the receiving end of a firm hand, it could be time to start experimenting.

The Motivation to Spank

The question is, why do so many people love spanking? What is it about that precise combination of pleasure and pain that drives some people wild? Well, for the receiver, it’s all about the fine line between pleasure and pain; two sensations which we now know are often difficult to distinguish.

Striking the buttock area with a hand or paddle encourages blood to flow to the area more quickly and this also increases blood flow to the genitals. So, as a person is spanked, they have the potential to become more aroused. For the giver, the joy is in the opportunity to wield a little power over their lover.

They get to watch their reactions closely and relish their moans and cries. They know that their lover is growing more aroused with every stroke and that the anticipation for sex is building. These feelings form a potent blend of excitement, erotic tension, surprise, and longing.

The Endless Popularity of Spanking

The biggest benefit of spanking, particularly for couples who are used to fairly conventional sex, is that it offers a way to experiment with new ideas, without jumping in at the deep end. While there are dedicated BDSM fans who take spanking to the extreme, the degree of pain involved is entirely up to the couple.

You can start off with the gentlest of blows and build up, gradually, to a firmer routine. You don’t have to begin with a heavy hand. Remember that, if you trust the person doing the spanking, there is no need to feel apprehensive; if you feel uncomfortable, you just have to say the word stop.

Generally, it is the male who spanks the female, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Spanking is practiced by heterosexual, homosexual, and bisexual couples. It is performed as part of group sex and as part of happy relationships and marriages. There are really no hard and fast rules for getting it right, so just listen to the response from your partner and trust your instinct.

Top Tips for Great Spanking

First of all, make sure that you are spanking in the right place, if you are the giver. You don’t want to be actually hitting the genitals or anywhere too sensitive, certainly to begin with. Make sure that you strike the meatiest part of the buttock with a flat palm.

If a hand seems a little mild, you can always add a paddle. These long, flat tools are designed to strike the buttock, but spread the blow out so that the level of pain is not too intense. The thinner the paddle, the more the spanking will hurt. But, as already mentioned, you can take your experimentation as slowly as you like.

A Guide to Spanking for Amateur Bedroom Adventurers

As one of the most common and widely accepted sexual fetishes, spanking is an erotic practice that even the most amateur of bedroom adventurers can try. It is fun, easy to control, and suitable for all kinds of different people. No matter what your age, gender, or sexuality, adding new sensations to intercourse can transform the experience for both partners.

Spanking is very popular, espeically in movie format because it is so simple to get started. While there are plenty of experienced fetish fans, who favour an extremely firm hand, there is no need for newbies to begin with a lot of force. You can take things as slow as you like, use as much pressure as you feel comfortable with, and treat spanking as both foreplay and a part of sex itself.

Helpful Advice on Getting It Right

The first thing to understand is that there are no hard and fast rules for successful spanking. Everybody is different and we all have unique preferences. This is why it is important to take your time, experiment with different techniques, and enjoy this type of erotic play with confidence and anticipation.

However, there are some helpful pointers which you can use to make sure that things run smoothly in the bedroom. It is entirely up to you and your partner(s) to decide who delivers the spanking and who receives it. Some couples like to switch things up and others prefer to take on one role and stick with it, even sometimes getting involved with a camcorder and making home movies.

The spankee does not have to worry about much. It is their job to sit tight and still and enjoy the exquisite sensation of a swift, sharp slap to the buttocks. If you have never been spanked before, it might sound strange to think of pain as being enjoyable. But, as studies have shown, a targeted slap in this area increases the blood flow to the genitals and increases arousal.

For the spanker, there is a little more to think about. The slaps delivered need to be targeted at the fleshiest part of the buttock, otherwise you could end up hurting your partner. It is absolutely imperative that you listen carefully to the responses of your lover, because they will tell you whether the spanking is being well received.

As with all sexual acts, consent is everything here. If you are giving a spanking and you are asked to stop or lessen the pressure, you must do so. If you are the one enjoying the spanking, don’t be afraid to speak up and be vocal about what you want. Tell your partner if you’d like them to use more force. Shout, moan, yell, laugh, scream; dive into the experience and you might just discover something new about yourself.

Ultimately, spanking is really nothing to worry about. It is no longer considered taboo and it doesn’t really involve relinquishing control, unless you combine it with bondage. So, if you have never played with pain sensations before and are a little self-conscious, there’s really nothing to be afraid of. Just make sure that you pick somebody that you trust to share your very first spanking experience.